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When a young Colombian couple is faced with a major change in their lives, each one will go on a personal journey to right the wrongs of the past in order to build a stronger future.

In Co-production with La Colonia Films

In Association with Riverland & Casalaire


Director: Juanpedro David & Francisco Salazar

Cast: Nathalie Rangel, Simon Elias, Eugenia Forteza & Alejandra Miranda 

Produced By: Francisco Salazar, Julian Chona, Juanpedro David Salazar, Brian Rincon & Jose Silva ​

Executive Producer: Nathalie Rangel & Eugenia Forteza 

Associate Producer: Simon Elias & River Rodriguez 

Cinematography: J​ose Silva 

Film Editing: Juanpedro David Salazar ​

Music by: Andres Soto 


Festival Cine de las Montanas 2024

Long Island International Film Expo 2024

Estreno 1 de Agosto en Cines Colombianos 

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