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Facing immigration issues, a couple must confront fears of rejection or risk losing each other.


In Co-productions with La Colonia Films/Casalaire 


Miguel Gonzalez 

Juan Pablo Castiblanco 

Nathalie Rangel

John Camilo Pinzon

Evan Sudarsky

Melissa Cardona

Jenny Gomez 

Daniel Espinosa  

Produced By

Ximena Perez Andonoff

David Salazar 

Francisco Salazar

Julian Chona Guerrero

Oscar Beleno 

Jose Silva 

Brian Rincon


J​ose Silva 

Film Editing

Juan Soto E.C.C.A

Music by 

Andres Soto 

2 Premios Macondo Nominations

Best Actor- Miguel Gonzalez 

Best Original Score- Andres Soto


Best Feature Film 

OMovies Film Festival 

Best First Film 

Festival Villa del Cine 

Runner Up for Best Dramatic Film for Jury Award & Second Runner Up for Best Dramatic Film For Audience Award

Woods Hole Film Festival 

Best of Fest First Prize 

Roving Eye Film Festival 

Best Narrative Feature 

Chesapeake Film Festival 


Official Selection Woods Hole Film Festival 2020 

Official Selection Festival Cine de Jardin 2020

Official Selection OUTshine Film Festival 2020 

Official Selection Festival Villa del Cine 2020

Official Selection ImageOut Rochester LGBT Film Festival 2020

Official Selection Lone Star Film Festival 2020 

Official Screening Image + Nation Festival Film LGBTQueer Montreal 2020

Official Selection OMovies Film Festival 2020

Official Selection ReelOut Queer Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Garden State Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Outfest Fusion 2021

Official Selection Roving Eye Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Sunscreen Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Mumbai Queer Film Festival 2021 

Official Selection Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2021

Official Selection Festival International Cine Prisma 2021 - Opening Night Film 

Official Selection Cinequest Film Festival 2021 

Official Selection International Queer Film Festival Merlinka 2021

Official Selection Festival Internacional de Cine por Los Derechos Humanos 2021

Official Selection Chesapeake Film Festival 2022   

Special Screening 

ReelQ Pittsburgh 

Hofstra University Alumni Screening 

"Nowhere" compassionately conveys the struggles of immigrants and queer people, and how a couple navigates obstacles, especially when two people have conflicting desires.

~Megan Kearns (Edge Media Networks)

"Nowhere is a thought-provoking drama that dives deep into its characters and their relationship. It asks us how far we are willing to go for the person we love, and what we are willing to compromise to maintain control over our lives. It’s also an incredibly relevant film, putting immigration policy and its arbitrary, often heartbreaking, implementation front and center. Nowhere represents storytelling at its finest, allowing us to feel the love between Adrian and Sebastian, and feel the tension as things fray. Nowhere is a remarkable film that will stir your emotions and leave you thinking."

~ Stephen Weisenreder (ImageOUT LGBT Film Festival) 

"With the propulsive thrust of urgent contemporary themes, writer-directors David and Francisco Salazar sift through the complications of love and happiness in a world of division."


It’s a touching, moving, and thought-provoking film that’s well worth adding to your watch-list.

~Gareth Johnson (

Es su honestidad y candor, lo que hace que Nowhere sea una de las mejores películas colombianas de este sombrío año que termina.

~André Didyme-Dôme (Rolling Stone Colombia) 

Una opera prima que deja el buen sabor y curiosidad por conocer más de estos jóvenes directores.

~Andrés M. Murillo (Canaguar)

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